Bobby's World (originally known as The Magical World of Bobby) is an American animated television series, which ran from 1990 to 1998, on FOX Kids. It was about the daily life of Bobby Generic (ˈ|dʒ|ɛ|n|ər|ɪ|k/ GEN|er-ic}}) and his very overactive imagination on how he sees the world. The show was created by Canadian actor-comedian Howie Mandel. Mandel also provided the voice of both Bobby and his father Howard Generic, who looks like a cartoon version of Mandel himself. It was produced by Film Roman for Alevy Productions and Fox Kids. The theme song for Bobby's World was composed by John Tesh, along with Michael Hanna.

After it was cancelled in 1998, it began airing in reruns on Fox Family fom 1998-2002.


Season 1 (1990)

  1. The Visit to Aunt Ruth's
  2. Uncle Ted's Excellent Adventure
  3. Adventures in Bobby Sitting
  4. My Dad Can Fix Anything
  5. The Best One of the Mall
  6. Me and Roger
  7. The Big Sweep
  8. The Night of the Living Pumpkin
  9. Beach Blanket Bobby
  10. The Revenge od Dr. Noo
  11. See America Last
  12. Bobby's Big Broadcast
  13. In Seatch of the Ring Bear

Season 2 (1991)

  1. Three Kids and a Baby
  2. Suspects, Lies and Videotape
  3. Caution: Bobby at Work
  4. Clubhouse Bobby
  5. Chariots of Bobby
  6. Total Recess
  7. Nightmare on Bobby's Street
  8. Bobby's Birthday Bash

Season 3 (1992)

  1. Bobby's Tooth or Dare
  2. Bobby's Big Move
  3. Bad News Bobby
  4. Swim By Me
  5. The Play's the Thing
  6. Fish Tales
  7. The Music
  8. Misery Loves Company
  9. Ill Effects
  10. Bobby Phone Home
  11. Baby Brother Blues
  12. Bobby's Girl
  13. I Want My Mommy

Season 4 (1993)

  1. The Hero
  2. Uncle Ted's New Friend
  3. The World Accordian to Bobby
  4. Bobby Ties the Knot
  5. Jets, Choo-Choos and Cars
  6. Karate Bobby
  7. A Day with Dad
  8. Psycho Bobby
  9. The Small of a Tattletale
  10. It's My Party
  11. One Clump or Two
  12. Bobby's Big Dream
  13. Bobby: The Musical

Season 5 (1994)

  1. Rebel Without a Clue
  2. Geriatric Park
  3. Harry Takes a Powder
  4. Bobby's Big Boo-Boo
  5. Mom on Wheels
  6. Weekend at Teddie's
  7. Generics Under Construction
  8. Mrs. Noogiefire
  9. Bobby Slicker
  10. No Sale
  11. Who You Gonna Call...???
  12. Starring Bobby
  13. The Truth About Aunt Ruth

Season 6 (1995)

  1. Bobby On-Line
  2. Bobby the Genius
  3. Hooked on Caps
  4. Bobby's Last Stand
  5. Miracle on 34th Street and Rural Route 1
  6. Just Plain Sleepless
  7. Bobby, Lord of the Slopes
  8. The Importance of Being Ernest
  9. Time After Time
  10. Independence Bobby
  11. Bobby the Candidate

Season 7 (1997)

  1. Bad Manners Bobby
  2. Roger's Ransom
  3. Cooties
  4. Promises, Promises
  5. Generics and Indians
  6. It's a Generic Life
  7. Cruisin' Bobby
  8. Dad's Big Day
  9. Blue Eggs and Bobby
  10. Back to the Furniture
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